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Children's Mental Health & Wellbeing

Here are some useful starting points and links to help you support your child's wellbeing. If you need any further information please contact Barbara Charles.

  • For parents who wish to assess their child’s mental health, wellbeing and overall health needs and obtain ideas for support for a range of areas including eating, sleeping, friendships, social skills and development needs then the Dimensions assessment tool is a useful way to access further ideas and support;

  • The Health Visitor 0-5 service is a useful site to access a range of ideas and help for a child.

  • For mental health support for children and young people contact Young Minds here:

  • To request a 45 minute 1-1 Parent Consultation with a mental health clinician for your child email:

  • To book onto a parent workshop to support your child’s mental health then access the workshops here:

  • For Bereavement Support there are many charities that can help. Some are more tailored to specific loss, for example child loss, loss through cancer and others. Please access some examples here, who can offer bespoke bereavement counselling, befriending, forums to talk with others who are experiencing the same loss and webchat amongst other services.  for the loss of a child  for supporting children with the loss of a parent  for the loss of a child of any age

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