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Reception Class Transition

This page is dedicated to supporting you as parents/carers as you move with your child to the next phase in their education journey. During summer term when your child finds out what school they are joining reception year in, we do a great deal of transition support. We start to look at books which have a focus of moving to school or making a change, we talk about the changes that will be happening, we support reception class teachers to come and meet your child in our school and  we meet with reception teachers to talk about all the progress your child has made and what their next steps are. We talk positively about the changes that will be happening after the summer holidays.


Below are some resources that will help you as a parent to put some strategies in place that may help with the transition and change.


If you need any further support or if you have any further questions please do get in touch with your child's keyperson, Federation SENCO Sharon Wood,  family link support Barbara Charles or Headteacher Nicci Burton.


Here is the link to the WCC transition support website


We were asked if we would support the Local Authority in making a film about Pre School to Reception transition to support families on ways, they can be supporting their child through this transition phase. Nicci Burton our Headteacher shares some top tips on transition.  Here is the link to the film.


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