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Atherstone and Bedworth Heath Nursery School Federation – Ethos, Values and Principles 


Learning and teaching at Atherstone and Bedworth Heath Nursery School Federation is based on deeply held principles. These are explored, questioned, tested and our understanding developed on an ongoing basis.


Vision Statement 

Bright Start, Bright Futures.  

Chances to explore, discover and grow, to make a difference today, tomorrow and together. 


Principles and Values 

  • All children are entitled to high quality teaching and learning in a rich and stimulating environment across all seven areas of the EYFS. This will equip them with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need today and prepare them well for tomorrow. 


  • Curriculum development is educator development: what we do, and how we do it matters equally. We support and respect each other and work as a reflective team, sharing best practise and ideas. We value each other’s strengths, and we listen to each-other’s perspectives.  


  • Each child’s development is unique. We strive for the best outcomes for all children and families in an environment that is welcoming, nurturing, safe, enabling and inclusive. 


  • We value and respect parents/carers as partners and work together to provide the opportunity for children to reach their individual potential. 


  • We use a holistic and restorative approach to embed integrated working with other agencies to support all children and families. 


  • We understand, recognise and value the place of our children and families within their local community. We strive to prepare our children and families to contribute to its future success and sustainability. 

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