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Family Support 

Barbara Charles

Family Support Worker

I have been working closely with Children and Families for well over twenty years. I have been actively involved with supporting families through a range of issues over the years and if I have not experienced a particular need before, I am very proactive at finding out what can be done to help!


Issues that can be supported include ( but are not limited to) :

  • Establishing routines

  • Positive Behaviour Strategies

  • Toilet training

  • Access to parenting support classes - including Triple P, Nurture Programme, Solihull Approach, Parenting Puzzle

  • Financial help,

  • Mental Health support,

  • Benefit advice,

  • Domestic abuse/ violence

  • Housing help,

  • Support to tackle Poverty

  • Food bank access,

  • Access to Local employment, Jobs and training availability.

  • Help with Alcohol and substance misuse.

  • Charity applications for emergency essentials for those in crisis.

  • Grief support

  • Access to counselling options for a variety of issues.


I usually hold monthly drop ins at both Nurseries, please keep an eye out for the dates on our facebook page and on the Newsletter.

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